What is SharePoint Local Workbench?

While working with SPFx, the Local workbench plays a very important role. It help us to debug and see the actual working of the component. 

Just think like a browser console. If you want to try some jquery code, you can quickly test it using a browser console or any online code editor like w3school, etc.

Similarly, on SharePoint local workbench, you can open your developed SPFx webpart to see the actual working or to fix any functional or UI errors (debugging).

There are two workbenches available in SPFx, the first is Local Workbench and the second is SharePoint Workbench.

  1. In Local workbench, you can work only with dummy data and can see the UI of the webpart but do not have access to actual SharePoint context like SharePoint list, page, etc.
    • URL of local workbench:
  2. But in SharePoint workbench, you can access all SharePoint environment data like list, libraries, page context, etc.
    • URL of Sharepoint workbench: