Hi everyone, I am Mayuresh Joshi, a Power Platform developer having more than 7 years of experience working with Microsoft products like SharePoint Online, On-premises, Power Platform, etc.

Intended Audience for this course

I am developing this course for everyone who want to learn the canvas app development. This course is designed for all the learners who has no experience with IT industry, new to IT industry or experienced people who want to start their journey with Power Apps.

1. Introduction

    1.1 Power Apps Introduction

    1.2 Intended Audience for this course

    1.3 Prerequisite for the leaners: SharePoint, OneDrive

    1.4 Course Content

2. Basics

    2.1 Create developer account

    2.2 How to access Power Apps

            2.2.1 Power Apps Web / Power Apps Studio

            2.2.2 Power Apps Maker Portal

            2.2.3 Start with your first Power Apps

    2.3 Basic Controls in Power Apps

    2.4 Power Fx Functions

    2.5 Button Control in Power Apps

    2.6 Variables in Power Apps

    2.7 Collections in Power Apps

    2.8 Gallery Control

    2.9 SharePoint basics - list and libraries

    2.10 Adding different data sources in Power Apps

    2.11 Create Power Apps Application using Excel Sheet

    2.12 Connecting Power Apps with SharePoint - Use Case: Employee Database Application

        2.12.1 Application overview/requirements and create SharePoint list

        2.12.2 Create a landing screen to show all employees

        2.12.3 Create an employee details screen (for CRUD operation)

        2.12.4 Filter, Search and Sort employees

    2.13 Save, Publish and Share apps with users

3. Intermediate Level

    3.1 Power Apps Best Practices

            a) Components in Power Apps

            b) Dynamic Positioning

            c) Named formulas

            d) Defining theme

    3.2 ForAll Function

    3.3 Patch Function

            a) Updating single item

    b) Updating multiple items

    3.4 Display Features

    3.5 Introduction to power automate

    3.6 Integrating Power Apps with power automate

4. Advanced

    4.1 Delegation in Power Apps

    4.2 Upcoming Features

    4.3 Containers in Power Apps - Responsive

    4.4 Monitor in Power Apps

    4.5 Offline Capability

    4.6 Environments in Power Apps

    4.7 Custom connector in Power Apps

    4.8 Import and Export Apps

    4.9 Solution in Power Apps

    4.10 Behavior Properties of Components

    4.11 Components Library

    4.10 Use case:

            a) Library Application

            b) Ecommerce application