Master pages are used to represent the overall layout of a SharePoint site. Master pages ensure that different parts of the page are being appeared consistently. We can customize SharePoint site (site branding) using master pages.

SharePoint Master Pages

Hello folks, in this article we will learn all about master pages in SharePoint. We will start from basics of master pages and will end at site branding. I will not write this article in one shot but will keep updating in the coming days. We will focus more on SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016. So let's get started.

1. What is a master page in SharePoint?

As mentioned above, master pages define the common layout and interface for SharePoint pages. It ensures that it provides a consistent look and feel when you navigate to different pages. We can organize different elements like navigations, menu, search box, and the colors or graphics associated with the business or organization. These elements are all stored in a master page.

2. What is content pages in SharePoint? How it is different from the master page?

In a SharePoint site, there are several areas, of which some are controlled by master page and others by content page. Below image will give you a basic idea about master page and content page areas.

Master Pages in SharePoint

Master page and content pages are separate entities. However, they get merged together to display a single web page in the web browser. Both pages are ASP.NET pages, but master pages have a .master file extension and they contain the necessary ASP code and content regions to render both pages on a SharePoint site.

3. What are different master pages available in SharePoint?

SharePoint VersionAvaialble master pages

Default master page


2013, 2016 and Onlineseattle.master