Hi friends, In this article, we are going to discuss all about Document Set in SharePoint 2013. In general, we use Folders to upload and manage files. We can not use these normal folders to manage a single deliverable, or work product, that can include multiple document or files. In such cases, we can make use of Document Set.

What is Document Set in SharePoint?

As discussed already, Document Set is a special feature available in SharePoint Server 2013 that enables the organization to manage work product which includes multiple documents. The document set is a content type that we can add to the library. It is a little bit different than a folder and having some additional features than a normal folder.

In short, we can say, the Document set is a collection of documents packed together.

What is the difference between the Document Library and Document Set?

You might be confused about the difference between Document Library and Document Set. We know that we can upload documents in a document library, but do you know we can upload Document Set in Document library and it has the same column as the Document library.

You can use Document set as a folder inside Document library. We can use some additional features of the Document set which we cannot use with a normal folder. In short, a Document library is a place where documents or document set can be stored.

How to enable and use the Document Set in SharePoint 2013?

Step 1: Activate Document Set feature

  1. Open your site in a web browser
  2. Click on Settings button (Gear icon) and go to Site Settings
  3. Under Site Collection Administration select Site collection features
  4. Click on Activate button corresponding to Document Set.Activate Document Set in Sharepoint 2013

Step 2: Enable Content Type

To enable the document set for a library we have to enable Document set content type. To enable Document set content type to follow these steps.
  1. Open a library where you want to enable Document set
  2. Choose the library settings
  3. Go to advanced settings
  4. Enable "Allow management of content type"
  5. Save changes and go back to Library settings
  6. From the content type section click on AddAdd Document Set Content Type

  7. Add the Document Set content type and then save the changesAdd Document Set Content Type 2

Step 3: Adding Documents to Document Set Content Type

  1. Open the Document Library and choose the Files Tab
  2. Select New Document Set Context typeDocument Set Context

  3. Enter the name of the Document SetDocument Set Name
  4. Now your Document Set is Ready for the use. You can add documents later too.Document Set in SharePoint 2013

Here you can see that multiple documents exist in the same document set. Also, the Document Library columns are also available for child documents as well.

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