Hi friends, in this short SharePoint 2013 tutorial we are going to learn how to create "Add New Item" button and add it in a web part. Actually its very easy to get a link of new item page and using basic HTML code we can add a link of new item anywhere. But if you want an exact same New Item button to add in a web part you can follow this tutorial.

In this example, we are going to Add a New Item button of Employee Details List to a Home Page of Main Site.

Add New Item Button in a Web Part

  1. Open a list in a Chrome web browser
  2. Open Chrome DevTools (Shortcut: F12) or Right-click anywhere and Select Inspect Element.
  3. Click on Cursor symbol representing select an element to Inspect it.Chrome DevTools

  4. Now move your cursor on New Item button
  5. Copy the Element HTML codeCopy Add New Item Link

  6. Add a Content Editor Web Part to a page where you want to Add New Item Button
  7. Paste the New Item Button code into Web Part
  8. Click on Stop Editing, that's it!
Note: When you add Web Part you may see the title of Web Part which is sometimes not needed. See Below screenshot.

Remove Content Editor title To Remove this text we have to change Web Part properties. So click on Edit Web Part and select Chrome type as None under Appearance.Edit Webpart
Click on OK to save the changes. See below screenshots.

Chrome Type None

Add New Item Button Link

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