Hi friends, in this post, we will see how to customize the default SharePoint Workflow Task list in SharePoint 2013. In general, there are only two options for SharePoint workflow task, which are Approved and Rejected. If we want some more extra buttons then we have to customize workflow task form. We can easily add the new button by adding more options in Task Outcome column.

This is helpful when you need to route your SharePoint workflow based on action more than just Approve or Reject. Just follow the below steps to customize workflow task form. These steps are for SharePoint 2013 version but same can be followed for SharePoint 2010.

Add Custom Button in SharePoint Workflow Task List

  1. Open Workflow Task List
  2. Go to List Settings
  3. Click on Create column
  4. Create a column of type Task Outcome (if you don't have already)Add New button in Workflow Task

  5. Enter options which you want as Task outcome
  6. Click on OK to save the column
Now you can see three buttons for your task, Approved, Rejected and Need more info. Here we have added an extra button named Need More Info. See below a screenshot of the customized workflow task.

Customize Workflow Task List
You can add as many options as you want. So this is all about how to customize workflow task in SharePoint 2013. I hope you liked this article. Feel free to ask your doubts in the comment section below. Like our facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.