Once you have the Microsoft 365 account ready, you can start the development using Power Apps maker portal.

Power Apps provides two platforms: 1) Power Apps Web 2) Power Apps Studio

1) Power Apps Web:

You can access the Power Apps maker portal using this link: make.powerapps.com

From this maker portal, you can develop apps, edit apps, access existing apps.

2) Power Apps Desktop Application

From Power Apps desktop application, you can just access the Power Apps inside that desktop application. Thus, there is no need of a browser.

Tour of Power Apps Maker Portal

  • Manage apps
  • Learning resources
  • Access data verse
  • Create chat bots
  • Create solutions
  • Navigate to different environments

Start with your first Power Apps - Canvas App

  • How to create your first Power Apps application

Tour of the Power Apps Studio

  • Left panel: Tree view, manage data sources, manage media files, manage flows, search and replace
  • Top bar: Theme, background color and image, app settings